Terms & Condition

1. Acceptance of Terms & Condition  

Welcome to www.jagholidays.com. The terms and conditions “T&C” governs the relationship between you and Jag Holidays And Destination Management Services and its related entities (“Jag Holidays”) including Jag Holidays And Destination Management Services trading as www.jagholidays.com offline and online in relation to provide various domestic and international travel and entertainment related service including but not limited to flight booking services, hotel booking services, taxi booking services, bus booking services, travel insurance booking services, holiday package booking services, MICE travel services, event and shows booking services, and other products, services and activities as described below (Services)

These terms and condition of our website may be updated by us from time to time without any prior notice and will be published on this website “T&C” page. You can review our most recent and updated version of “T&C” at any time by following the link at the bottom of every page of this website.

By accessing and using the www.jagholidays.com and the services provided thereon, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and provisions of the current T&C as well as any additional posted guidelines or rules applicable to any particular services which may be posted and modified from time to time.

You must be at least eighteen (18) years old to be bound to these terms and conditions and use the Services.

2. Use of Website  

2.1 This Website is available to all registered users (hereinafter referred to as the "User" or "You"), subject to these General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "T&Cs"). When you make a purchase on the Site or otherwise use this Site, you agree to accept these Terms and Conditions.

2.2 This Website is owned by Jag Holidays And Destination Management Services, Proprietorship firm registered under ASWPK9518RSD004 and registered address at JP-10, Pitampura, New Delhi 110034, INDIA

2.3 The User hereby declares that he or she is an adult (at least 18 years of age) and has the legal capacity to be bound by this agreement and to use this Website in accordance with these T&Cs.

JAG HOLIDAYS expressly warns the User that by using the Website to make a booking, he/she is concluding a contract with payment obligations. Furthermore, the User declares that all information he or she provides to access this Website and while using it is true, complete and accurate, and he/she agrees to keep it updated.

2.4 This Website is solely and exclusively for the User's personal use. It may not be modified, reproduced, duplicated, copied, distributed, sold, resold or exploited for commercial or non-commercial purposes, except that you may print out copies of your travel itinerary for personal use, or forward your travel itinerary to a bona fide itinerary management company.

2.5 The User agrees not to use this Website for illegal or prohibited purposes. In particular, the User accepts that he or she will only use this Website for him/herself and that the products or services purchased through this Website will be for his or her own use or consumption, or the use or consumption of persons on behalf of whom he or she is legally authorized to act. The User shall not resell to third parties products or services purchased by using this Website.

2.6 JAG HOLIDAYS reserves the right to deny access to the Website at any time without notice.

2.7 All correspondence regarding customer service or your booking should be sent to Boardingon Leisure Pvt Ltd, 110, Pearls Business Park, Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura, New Delhi-110034. You can also reach us by telephone by dialing our customer support number -+91 -9599510171 (Local Charges Apply)

3. Your contract

3.1 A "booking" means any order for products or services you make on our Website which is confirmed by us. When you make a booking via this Website, the contract will be between the Travel Supplier(s) and you. JAG HOLIDAYS is therefore not a party to the contractual relationship in relation to the products and services you order on our Website, unless explicitly provided otherwise herein. Any queries or concerns relating to the product should be addressed to the Travel Supplier. JAG HOLIDAYS may act as a facilitator between you and the third party supplier in order to expedite the process only.

3.2 The term "Travel Supplier" includes as appropriate inter alia airlines, tour operators, package holiday suppliers, hotels, hotel chains and hotel aggregators, insurance suppliers and rental car suppliers, event and show organizers etc.

3.3 JAG HOLIDAYS makes the booking on your behalf and your contract will be subject to the Travel Supplier's terms and conditions, which could limit or exclude liability to you (often in accordance with various applicable international conventions). If you wish to review the relevant Travel Supplier's terms, we refer you to the Conditions of Carriage page of our Website where the Travel Supplier's terms are available through a link. In instances where it is not possible to access the Travel Supplier's terms by a link, we will at your request provide the Travel Supplier's contact details so that you may contact them. Please ensure you refer to the applicable Travel Supplier's terms and conditions for cancellation charges and other important terms and conditions.

3.4 By using this Website to book products and/or services, you authorise JAG HOLIDAYS to act as your representative during the process of comparison between Travel Suppliers and booking of products and/or services from the selected Travel Supplier and to make the payment for such products or services in your name and on your behalf, as required. Accordingly, JAG HOLIDAYS shall charge you with a service fee, depending upon which product you book. You will be advised of any fee before you confirm your booking. Where you provide us with the details of your credit card /debit card or net banking to make your travel booking, you authorise us to use these details to make the travel booking on your behalf. When payment is made in this way by us on your behalf, you will immediately receive a confirmed ticket issued by the operator of your flight or we may also provide the confirmation on the behalf of the supplier / third party service provider.

3.5 Prices are confirmed at the final step of the booking path at the point when you click "Pay Now", "Book Now”, “Make the reservation" or similar, depending on product purchased. Prices are shown with rates of exchange calculated on a daily basis. Prices may therefore differ on a seconds /minutes / hourly /daily basis to reflect any movement in exchange rate levels. Taxes fluctuate in line with exchange rates. When a booking is made the exchange rate will be fixed at that time and will apply to any amendments or cancellations to that item within the booking. Exchange rates are determined by JAG HOLIDAYS. Where you will pay later, for example a post-pay hotel booking, or JAG HOLIDAYS receives the price from the airline in a currency other than INR and converts it to INR, the applicable exchange rate will be that applied by your card provider at the time of payment.

3.6 After you confirm your booking, you will receive a confirmation email with a booking reference number. This is the moment that your contract in relation to the products and services ordered will come into existence. This confirmation email will provide all the details of the itinerary of your booking. Next, we will check that your booking has been correctly entered in the airline's booking system and that your payment can be correctly processed. Our obligation to issue the ticket will be subject to your payment having been received in cleared funds. In respect of a flight booking, immediately payment has been made for your flight you will receive a confirmed ticket issued by the operator of the flight. This will usually be within a few minutes of payment having been made whether or not we have used your credit or debit card to make the payment. Your contract of carriage with the operator is therefore directly enforceable against the operator without any intervention by us.

3.7 We reserve the right to cancel your booking immediately in the event we have reasonable grounds to believe it is fraudulent, in such circumstances you will either not be charged or any money shall be refunded to you after deduction of applicable money transfer /remittance charges and JAG HOLIDAYS service fee wherever applicable.
JAG HOLIDAYS will have no liability whatsoever for any loss in such circumstances. We may (but are not obliged to) attempt to contact you or your bank to request further details which could help us determine if your card is being legitimately used. In such an instance there is still the risk that the ticket /booking cannot be held or cannot be held at the same fare, in particular where the flight is to depart within the next 14 days. While we may offer to give you time or extend a deadline for you to provide us with further information we reserve the right to cancel at any time including during the time period allotted for further information, reasons include but are not limited to the airline cancelling your ticket for any reason (including but not limited to delays in ticketing while fraud checks are being undertaken) or a fraud agent advising cancelling. In such circumstances we will attempt to contact you, using the email address you provided at the time of booking, or your bank to inform you of the cancellation.

3.8 In the event that there is an error taking payment including but not limited to: your card failing (for example fraud tests or for insufficient funds), the card company or bank failing to process correctly or a failure on our side to take payment, you will be liable for the cost of your booking, and, additionally should we not be able to collect payment from you, you agree to assume our costs in pursuing you for such payments and the amount of the booking together with our administrative fee of INR 200 and interest at 3% above the bank's base rate until time of payment.

Amount can be paid / charged in other available currency in the portal equivalent to applicable amount in INR + applicable conversion / processing charges

3.9 The electronic document by which your contract is formalized shall be filed in the JAG HOLIDAYS records and may be accessed by you at any time upon request to JAG HOLIDAYS.
3.10 In relation to the "special requests" options relating to any product (eg meals, disabled facilities, child seats etc.), JAG HOLIDAYS does not guarantee any such requests but will pass these requests on to the Travel Supplier / Hotel / Tour Operator/Show Organiser and to other suppliers. It is your responsibility to confirm with the Travel Supplier or hotel whether such special requests can be fulfilled.

4. Travel Product & Services

4.1 Aggregation of Travel Products

The aggregation of Travel Products may comprise:
(a) Travel-related goods and services offered on the Website (Travel Products) from airlines and other third-party providers (together, Third Party Providers);
(b) Access to hotel booking services via Third Party Providers;
(c) Access to Insurance Service via Third Party Provider;
(d) Access to Bus / Taxi Services via Third Party Provider;
(e) Access to Cruise Services via Third Party Provider;
(f) Access to Tours and Sightseeing Services via Third Party Provider;
(g) Access to Packages comprising (a) + (b) + (c) + (d) + (e) + (f) above.
(d) The services (Services) may comprise: 
(i) Flight search and reservation

• Access to a flight booking website (the Website) which provides the facility (Booking Facility) for customers to make a flight booking.

• Access to Customer Service which includes access to staff either online, by email or by phone to confirm your booking, make any changes to your booking or otherwise seek assistance with your booking.

(ii) Payment processing, documentation, ticketing services.
(e) Subject to you complying with these terms, JAG HOLIDAYS will provide the Travel Services to you as set out in these terms.
(f) JAG HOLIDAYS does not endorse or recommend any particular Travel Product.

4.2 Compliance on Product & Services

Above all listed travel products & Services and other non-listed travel products & Services are made available by JAG HOLIDAYS combining third party provided travel products and services and you agree:

a) to comply with the applicable Product Terms for each of the Travel Products and Services; and

b) that any further charges relating to your Booking (for example, additional meal on flight, extra luggage, additional bedding, locally payable taxes, resort fees, minibar charges, any additional pick-up or drop destination, and any transfer costs and meals not included in the product and service charges) will be invoiced by, and paid by you to, the applicable flight, hotel or Third Party Provider.

JAG HOLIDAYS is not authorise to disclose the component pricing of the travel product or services purchased under a travel package scheme.

5. Payments and refunds

5.1 Payment

(a) Bookings must be paid in full in order to purchase the Travel Product(s).
(b) By clicking “Pay Now”, “Book Now” or Similar you accept:

(i) The fees and charges payable to JAG HOLIDAYS and its related entities, set out in the payment summary, and
(ii) The Third Party Provider's offer to sell the Travel Products to you for the price set out in your shopping 
Cart /Checkout cart and subject to these terms and any applicable Product Terms.
(iii) Consent to JAG HOLIDAYS supplying your billing, payment and identification information (including personal information) to those Third Party Providers and/or hotels who will supply the Travel Products and accept that the recipients of this disclosure may not have in place privacy policies equivalent to JAG HOLIDAYS’s privacy policy.

(c) Your Booking is not confirmed until full payment is received by JAG HOLIDAYS and confirmation is provided to you by JAG HOLIDAYS or Third Party Provider with a confirmation or booking number for each element of the Travel Product(s) booked.

5.2 Transaction Verification

(a) You:

(i) Authorise JAG HOLIDAYS's agents to:

• Charge all fees incurred to the credit card / debit card/ net banking designated by you;
• Disclose your credit card details to, and obtain information from, any financial institution or debit / 
Credit card issuer to verify the credit / debit card and identification details that you provide;
• Take steps to confirm that there is sufficient credit on your credit card account to meet likely charges:

(ii) Authorise your credit card issuer or financial institution to verify that the credit card and identification
Details you have provided to JAG HOLIDAYS are accurate; and

(iii) Consent to JAG HOLIDAYS supplying your billing, payment and identification information (including personal information) to those Third Party Providers and/or hotels who will supply the Travel Products in your Booking to you.

(b) Before JAG HOLIDAYS proceeds to process any travel booking on your behalf or issues your Documentation, various checks are taking place to validate the integrity of credit card information and in certain circumstances the credit card holder will be required to submit verification documentation to substantiate identity.

This process is intended to reduce the potential risk for fraud and disruption to passengers upon check in.

(c) If your credit card is not approved JAG HOLIDAYS will attempt to contact you. Where JAG HOLIDAYS cannot contact you and the ticket issuance period lapses (thereby making the Booking invalid), JAG HOLIDAYS will have no choice but to cancel the booked arrangements.

Under these circumstances JAG HOLIDAYS accepts no responsibility for any re-booking costs or applicable charges if any.

(d) JAG HOLIDAYS reserves the right at its absolute discretion to decline or accept bookings. Any automatic booking confirmations for such bookings are conditional contingent on JAG HOLIDAYS's view of any financial risks, potential ticket /travel booking dispatch delays, or other regulations that may apply.

(e) If payment is not received for your confirmed booking for any reason, you agree to pay JAG HOLIDAYS all amounts due on demand.

5.3 Refunds

(a) Your right to a refund of any booking on this website or its other entities (online /offline) is governed by the terms and conditions of the service you purchased and is as determined by the applicable airlines/hotel /Transfer/ insurance services provider or any other third party supplier.

Many fares /room tariff are non-refundable.

Airline /hotel provider /third party supplier charges or cancellation fees may apply to your particular booking amount.

JAG HOLIDAYS may also charge refund processing service charges as applicable time to time which may be anything between INR 350 - INR 550/ ticket - Flying Segment / hotel booking, Tour booking, Show Booking, Attraction Booking and other available service/product booking,  or 2% of the total booking amount whichever is higher and suitable at the time of processing the cancellation.

Amount can be paid / charged in other available currency in the portal equivalent to amount in INR 350-550 + the applicable conversion / processing charges

(b) JAG HOLIDAYS shall only be liable to provide a refund to you to the extent that it actually receives a refund from the relevant Third Party Provider. Where refunds are due to you from a Third Party Provider, JAG HOLIDAYS will provide reasonable assistance to you in claiming such funds from that Third Party Provider. In that situation, JAG HOLIDAYS is authorise (but not obliged) to seek such refunds from the Third Party Provider directly and on its own behalf.

(c) Where a refund is applicable, the turnaround time from the date of your request for refund to the date you are provided with your refund may take up to 30 Days. This is beyond the control of JAG HOLIDAYS.

6. Changes and cancellations

6.1 General

(a) Because JAG HOLIDAYS is reliant on the availability of Travel Products from Third Party Providers, JAG HOLIDAYS reserves the right to amend your Booking at any time in consultation with you if:

(i) an error is made by the Third Party Provider or hotel in relation to a Travel Product; or

(ii) In circumstances beyond JAG HOLIDAYS's reasonable control, the Third Party Provider or hotel advises that it is unable to provide the Travel Product at the price advertised on the Website.

In such circumstances additional charges may have to be paid by you for the Travel Products and/or your itinerary may need to be changed.

Information about how to change or cancel your Booking is available on the Website in manage my booking section of my accounts.

If you process your change or cancellation through the Website, or through by phone on our customer service center, JAG HOLIDAYS may charge you an additional fee as cancellation service charges

(b) If you cancel any Travel Product (including any element of a Package) you may incur cancellation charges from the Third Party Providers supplying the cancelled Travel Product and you agree to indemnify JAG HOLIDAYS (and any related parties) for any fees or charges incurred by them in relation to your cancellation.

6.2 Hotels / Transfers / Sightseeing / Tour / Guide / Event / Show / Attraction / Meal / Gift and other 3rd Party Services

(a) In the event that you need to cancel your Booking, you must advise JAG HOLIDAYS as early as possible before your check-in date. Please check the hotels / Transfers /Sightseeing & Tours and other third party travel product or service cancellation policy on your confirmation voucher as there may be penalties and may also include JAG HOLIDAYS cancellation service charges.

6.3 Packages

(a) If you wish to cancel or vary any element of a Package, JAG HOLIDAYS will permit this where it is reasonably able to do so. However your Booking will no longer constitute a Package and you may lose the benefit of the Package, including any savings made from purchasing those elements together as a Package.

(b) Where a third party cancels an element of a Package, JAG HOLIDAYS may elect to either cancel that Package in whole, or substitute a substantially similar element for the cancelled element. JAG HOLIDAYS is not liable for the cancellation of an element by a Travel Provider or the consequences of that cancellation (including the consequences of JAG HOLIDAYS selection to cancel a Package in whole).


The travel bookings made on JAG HOLIDAYS are subject to the applicable requirements of Visa which are to be obtained by the individual traveler or the user if the user has taken the responsibility as travel agent /assistant /freelancer to book the travel on traveler’s behalf. JAG HOLIDAYS is not responsible for any issues, including inability to travel, arising out of such Visa requirements and is also not liable to refund for the untraveled bookings due to any such reason.

Passport and visa regulations can change and you should therefore check with the relevant embassy well in advance of travel. It is your responsibility to be in possession of a valid passport and, if appropriate, a visa. It is important to remember to include all transit points in your journey which may also require you to obtain a visa. It can often take some time to obtain a visa, so you are advised to apply in plenty of time. We accept no responsibility for customers who do not possess the correct documents.

Each destination has its own requirements as far as entry formalities, vaccinations, etc. which can also vary depending on the passenger's nationality. It is your responsibility to collect that information. No incidents arising from the failure to comply with such official regulations will be considered the responsibility of JAG HOLIDAYS, We therefore urge you to always verify the different formalities of the chosen destination or transit countries, as well as the time needed to take all of the related steps.

It is recommended that you take out insurance for any travel, especially as there may be circumstances where the Travel Supplier will have no liability. If you elect to purchase Travel Insurance through JAG HOLIDAYS website, your contract will be directly with the Travel Supplier, whose terms and conditions will apply to that insurance.

8. Fees

The following fees (Fees) may apply to your Booking:

8.1 Payment and Service Fee

JAG HOLIDAYS may charge you a Payment and Service Fee in relation to processing you’re booking and accepting payment.

Any Payment and Service Fee is charged by JAG HOLIDAYS in its own capacity (as merchant), and not as an agent for any other party. Payment and Service Fees cover a range of costs, services, fees and charges in relation to your booking, including (among other things for example fraud prevention) the reasonable costs of accepting card payments. Any Payment and Service fees will be shown in the price of your booking on the review page.

8.2 Servicing Fee

The Servicing Fee included in your booking payment summary is non-refundable and will be charged to you immediately or within 24 hours. Funds need to be available on your card /net bank account at the time of making the booking otherwise booking will not take place and you may need to rebook at a higher fare level later.

The Servicing Fee is payable to JAG HOLIDAYS with its operations based in India. The Customer Service provided to you by JAG HOLIDAYS is global in nature and can be accessed from anywhere around the world.

The Servicing Fee covers a range of costs, services, fees and charges in relation to providing you with Customer Service in relation to your booking.

JAG HOLIDAYS provides customers access to 24/7 support channels including telephone, live chat, email. Included in the Servicing Fee is the ability to change bookings online.

Customers will just have to pay any applicable airline / hotel or other third party supplier’s fees. The Servicing Fee provides customers with assistance when an airline /Hotel initiates a schedule change, or when a carrier does not immediately confirm a booking.

No refund is given if you do not request Customer Service in relation to your booking. The Servicing Fee is collected by JAG HOLIDAYS as payment agent for JAG HOLIDAYS.

You may be charged the following Servicing Fee in relation to each applicable Booking:

(i) Domestic INR 200 /Person/Booking element
(ii) International INR 250 /Person/Booking element

Amount can be paid / charged in other available currency in the portal equivalent to applicable amount in INR + applicable conversion / processing charges

8.3 Booking Price Guarantee Fee

If the Booking Price Guarantee fee is included in your booking payment summary, the fee will include GST and any other tax is non-refundable and will be charged within 24 hours. Funds need to be available at time of booking, otherwise ticketing will not take place and you may have to rebook at a higher fare level on your another attempt of booking.

The Booking Price Guarantee fee applies per booking which can include multiple passengers and products.

You will be charged the following Booking Price Guarantee Fee in relation to each applicable booking:

(i) Domestic INR 250, or other available currency in the portal equivalent to amount in INR 250, + the applicable conversion / processing charges
(ii) International INR 350, or other available currency in the portal equivalent to amount in INR 350, + the applicable conversion / processing charges

JAG HOLIDAYS reserves the right to limit the liability of the Booking Price Guarantee to INR 1000 per booking transection, or other available currency in the portal equivalent to amount in INR 1000 + the applicable conversion / processing charges

8.4 Cancellation fees

JAG HOLIDAYS reserves the right to charge amendment or cancellation fees depending on circumstances and Third Party conditions.

9. Advertisements and Advertisers on this website or on linked website

JAG HOLIDAYS is not responsible for any errors, omissions or representations on any of its pages or on any links or on any of the linked website pages. JAG HOLIDAYS does not endorse any advertisement or advertiser, its content and your privacy on such advertisement or links, on our web pages in any manner. The Users are requested to verify the accuracy of all information on their own before undertaking any reliance on such information.

The linked sites are not under the control of JAG HOLIDAYS and JAG HOLIDAYS is not responsible for the contents of any linked site or any link contained in a linked site, or any changes or updates to such sites. JAG HOLIDAYS is providing these links to the Users only as a convenience and the inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement of the site by JAG HOLIDAYS.

10. Behavior, Conducts and Actions

It is the sole responsibility of the service buyer/user to ensure that you do not behave in a way which is inappropriate or causes offence or danger to others or which risks damage to property belonging to others (including but not limited to drunkenness and/or air rage etc) while on your holiday or using a service/product purchased from this website or any related entities of this website – online or offline.

If your behavior is inappropriate and/or causes offence, or damage to others, or risks damage to property belonging to others, we and/or our Travel Suppliers (eg hotel / tour and transfers supplier/airline staff etc.) may cancel you booking, in which case our and our Travel Supplier's responsibility to you will cease immediately and you will not be eligible for any refunds, payments of compensation and/or any reimbursement of whatsoever of any cost or expenses you may incur as a result of such termination. Further, you will be liable to reimburse us for any expenses we incur as a result of such termination.

These General Terms and Conditions, as well as any relation between JAG HOLIDAYS and the User, shall be governed by the Indian Laws and hereby expressly disclaims any indirect warranties attributed by the laws of any jurisdiction of country other than those where JAG HOLIDAYS has its operational offices.

To the extent legally permitted both parties are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of NCR of Delhi for any litigious issue arising from the existence, content and/or interpretation of these General Terms and Conditions or from any relation between JAG HOLIDAYS and the User.

If you need any further information on privacy policy, terms of use and cookies policy, please write to us on: info@jagholidays.com